Course on Caesar II

CAESAR II is a software package for piping flexibility analysis with automated code compliance checks. It is easy to use and includes several advanced modules for specialized problems. CAESAR II can nowadays be seen as the “bread and butter” of any pipe stress engineer. This course is not only useful for beginning stress engineers but can also provide valuable knowledge for those who need to be able to interpret pipe stress results such as supervisors and technicians. The aim of our course is therefore not only to become familiar with the basic use of CAESAR II but also to create an engineering understanding of the stress results.

Course Objectives

Differentiate between primary and secondary stress; Analyze design code requirements; Identify ways to resolve overstress due to thermal expansion; Work upon load case combinations and design system for Sustain, Expansion & Occasional Loading; The course will help the candidates master the technology enhancing their skills and productivity to a greater level.

Industries getting benefited

  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Food and Beverage, CPG 
  • Infrastructure
  • Marine
  • Mining   
  • Power and Utilities
  • Water and Wastewater

Course Highlights

The course comprises of several modules to help candidates master their skills in CAESAR II tool and its rich features. Some of these modules are as under:

  • Piping Input, Node, Pipe Properties, Auxiliary Data

  • Bend, Reducer, Tee, Valve & Flange, Expansion Joint

  • Supports   

  • Hangers

  • Nozzle & Loads  

  • Stress Analysing Report

Job Prospects

Pipe Designing industry opens a wide range of opportunities for the aspirants in numerous fields of design drafting. These include the following:

  • Power plants

  • Petrochemical complex

  • Pulp and paper plants

  • Food and beverage plants   

  • Office buildings

  • Pharmaceutical plants

  • Fertilizer plants      

  • Water treatment facilities

  • Offshore platforms

  • Pipeline installations

  • Synthetic fuel plants

  • Environmental waste Disposal

  • Pipe systems for hospitals and high-rise

Engineers who are well equipped with the knowledge of Caesar II software are in demand in industry. A formal training can turn to be fruitful for the aspirants as they will get to know about piping, equipment designing, drafting and much more

Ideal for

  • Those students pursuing or completed Mechanical Engineering.
  • Those students pursuing or completed Diploma or certificate courses in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Anybody interested to get entry into Oil and Gas Industry / Process Industry.





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