Course on HVAC

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) design is most wanted course. Nowadays we cannot live without AC. So there is much demand for HVAC designer

Course Objectives

The course will help students and professionals to leverage Heating and Cooling Load Calculation, duct sizing, pipe sizing and much more. The course will help the candidates master the technology enhancing their skills and productivity to a greater level.

Course Highlights

The course comprises of several topices to help candidates master their skills in HVAC and its rich features. Some of these topics are as under:

  • Introduction to HVAC
  • Vapour Compression Cycle, Vapour Absorption Cycle,
  • Air Handling System, Air Distribution System
  • Heating Load Calculation – E20
  • Duct sizing
  • AHU Fan Selection (Calculating ESP)
  • Chilled Water Pipe Design
  • Valves, Typical Pump Piping
  • Equipment Selection
  • Kitchen Ventilation, Toilet Ventilation, Car Parking Ventilation
  • Material Take Off – Duct
  • District Cooling System
  • Drafting in AutoCAD

Job Prospects

HVAC Designing industry opens a wide range of opportunities for the aspirants in numerous fields of design drafting. These include the following:

  • Office buildings
  • Residential Building
  • Commercial Building
  • Hospitals

Engineers who are well equipped with the knowledge of HVAC are in demand in industry. A formal training can turn to be fruitful for the aspirants as they will get to know about ducting, piping, equipment selection, drafting and much more.

Ideal for

  • Those students pursuing or completed Mechanical Engineering.
  • Those students pursuing or completed Diploma or certificate courses in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Anybody interested to get entry into Construction Field Industry.




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