Course on SolidWorks

SolidWorks is a 3D modeling, parametric application software. It improves visualization, collaboration, and innovation, besides improving efficiencies in every downstream function of the product development process. It has both parametric and direct modelling capabilities. SolidWorks is known for its user-friendly GUI with quick-to-understand features that come in handy for design development.

Course Objectives

The course will help students and professionals to leverage SolidWorks to develop Part Modelling, Surface Modelling, Sheet Metal Design, Weldment design and much more. The course will help the candidates master the technology enhancing their skills and productivity to a greater level.

Course Highlights

The course comprises of several modules to help candidates master their skills in the SolidWorks tool and its rich features. Some of these topics are as under:

  • Sketch creation tools

  • Sketch editing tools

  • Part modeling features 

  • Part editing features

  • Assembly modelling 

  • Surface modeling

  • Sheet metal design

  • Weldment design

  • Drawing views & annotations

  • Model visualization

Job Prospects

Solidworks has a large community of users, and employers frequently seek candidates with SolidWorks experience. Students well versed in SolidWorks are placed as

  • SolidWorks Design Engineer
  • SolidWorks Application Engineer
  • PDM Application Engineer
  • Project Engineer – SolidWorks
  • Design Engineer(Mechanical)

Ideal for

  • Those students pursuing or completed Mechanical Automobile, Aeronautical Engineering.
  • Those students pursuing or completed Diploma, ITI or certificate courses in Mechanical, Automobile, Aeronautical Engineering.
  • Anybody interested to get entry into world of SolidWorks.


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